THE LOVERS by Kendy Ty on Weekend Watching 220214 on

Another rich set of offerings this weekend.

The film I have chosen to open this weekend’s selection with is really something else. The filmmaking style is as beautiful as the story is an intensely scary account of misguided youth.


On most days it is totally possible to believe that one’s own pursuit of excellence in filmmaking is going very well. And then a film like Tussilago comes along and blows my mind. A harrowing life story told in such a powerful visual manner, it is just… I think I need to go lie down now.

The Lovers

French filmmaker Kendy Ty is back with his latest, and it is quietly powerful.

Olive Juice

Ooh. This is just so pretty, and a little bit naughty.


It is so easy to get the structure wrong on a time travel film. Which is why Remote is an extra special achievement because they’ve got it all so, so right.

The Ride

I guess they do things a bit differently in Australia.

Tooty’s Wedding

Weddings huh? Crazy things happen!

It Doesn’t get Better

As public service messages go, this one rocks. Well done Mr. Headley!