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An image from SYMMETRy on Weekend Watching 211213 on OneSmallWindow.com

Pig The Dog
This is a quirky nugget of a film, salty language and all.

San Diego Study #3
Hypnotic quality aside, this video tells a very cool story when contrasted with the source video.

Lucas needs money to buy a motorcycle. How he goes about collecting that money is the engine that drives this story.

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons
This short film written by—and starring—actor Donald Glover (Community) disappears into surreal territory at several points but it is always watchable.

From 1994
A beautifully filmed story about a message from the afterlife (in a manner of speaking).

This one is categorized as a palindromic film. What do you think?

Savour Every Moment
On some level this is a supercut of pets being pets, but the way the imagery is presented lifts this way above your average pet video (not that there is anything wrong with those!)

Bliink – Xmas Ident 2013
Beautiful animation. Interesting message.

Skadden – Holiday Card
This is beautiful animation, and a pretty greeting for the holiday season.

Happy Holidays all!