Paris On The Run

I love the way filmmaker Seph Ternes has presented the City of Lights. Ah Paris.

Ranch Beats

No matter how many times I watch a video like this one, I am impressed because I don’t have the first clue about how one goes about putting a piece like this together. Bravo Jarbas Agnelli!


When you see what an award-winning animator–Stefan Nadelman–can do with footage of surfers in action you have no choice but to bow your head with respect for the filmmaker’s talent. Wow.

After the tone

After the tone is the type of cool filmmaking project idea I wish I could come up with. Check it out and you’ll see why this is a very clever travel video.

Lost Property

What a beautiful film about love, loss, and ageing. Beautiful work by Åsa Lucander and team.

Mr. Stitch

Tidy little gangster film set in contemporary London, about a doctor who patches up bad guys’ wounds.