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Margo Lily
A six-and-a-half minute short film set in a backyard. And you cannot turn your eyes away. This is detail-oriented filmmaking that truly honours the artform.

It is also the new short film by Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart, the makers of Long Branch. You can read our interview with them about that previous short film here.

Lost & Found
There are corners of this planet that we’ve never been to—and probably will never see—so it is so amazing to be able to visit with a person like Blair Somerville through the filmmaking of Joey Bania.

If you watch nothing else from this week’s collection please watch this film, and then tell your friends about it. This is like regaining childhood, and child-like wonder, for a little while.

A lyrical and moving short documentary by a filmmaker whose work constantly inspires me.

Nationale Nederlanden
Celebrating awesome advertising is important. And this is awesome advertising.

Kingdom of Sports
Another example of genius in advertising.

Who says a short film cannot pack a powerful punch?

Morning of the World
Beautiful visuals, and a peek into a different kind of life.

Life Is A Parade
We’ve read, and heard, lines like this many many times before. What sells it here, is delivery. And some clever art direction and editing.