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OK Go – The Writing’s On The Wall

This band has been making excellent viral music videos for so long it should come as no surprise that they’ve done it again. Even so, this one is a blast, and a serious exercise in, “How The Hell Did They Do That?!”

Western Civilization

This is a motion poem–words set to moving pictures and animation–and it is grand.

Hands of Bresson

This montage of shots of hands from the films of Robert Bresson is a fascinating visual exercise. And very beautiful to look at.

Bless You

Be it ever so humble there isn’t anything quite as whiplashy as a sneeze. This dramatically animated short takes an interesting — and gory — walk through the anatomy of a sneeze.

20syl – Kodama

As an individual who consistently struggles to come up with ideas for electronica music videos I am just blown away by the achievement that is this piece by Mathieu Le Dude & 20syl. Wow!

Noah Kin – 822

Noah Kin is a young Finnish-Nigerian rapper and this video is very cool to look at.
LANGUAGE ADVISORY: Contains some foul language.