We have some graphic short films for you this weekend and while the fiction ranges from comedy to horror, and sci-fi, each of our first three shorts features either violence, strong language, or both. So if you are of a sensitive disposition, or are just watching this in a sensitive space, BE WARNED.

If you’d prefer to watch material that is Safe For Work (and children), scroll past the first three films.


If there is any justice in the world at all, filmmaker Kheireddine El-Helou’s name will be spoken in the same breath as the creators of legendary horror movie characters like Freddie Kreuger, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees and Jigsaw. Drudge is every bit as memorable as those other guys, and this slickly produced short film serves as a great introduction to the character.

BE WARNED: Pretty graphic violence in this one, it is a horror film after all.


I wouldn’t know the first thing about a playdate but I know way too much about awkward meetings with strangers. This short film is discomfort comedy of a very high standard. Director David Shane has been doing this for a while but it is still humbling to see how good he is at this type of filmmaking.

The short film features strong language, so you might want to use headphones while watching it.

Whipping Boy

The creation of a futuristic world, the attention to details like communications displays, the design of billboards, and even just the concept of a ‘whipping boy’ in future in which humans are so totally disconnected from each other they have to beat each other up to connect. This film does a great job of mixing up the primal with the futuristic. Go ahead, visit with Napalm, you will not return unscathed.

WARNING: Some scenes of violence and bloodshed that might not be for the squeamish.

If non-violent, swear word-free beauty is your thing, you will find two beautiful films beyond this point.

People of Los Angeles

This video about the people of LA was so cool it made me want to go there and hang out in all those places, see all those sights, and perhaps make a few friends of my own. This short is beautifully filmed, edited, and colour-graded.


It is a dance video, it features cool animation, and pulsating music. All adding up to a visually entertaining presentation.