This film is truly deserving of the honorific ‘epic’. Beautiful images and completely involving storytelling. Bravo Denver Jackson.

The Visible Hand

This Spanish-language short film is directed by indie cinema giant Gael García Bernal and that should be enough to get you to watch. Another great example of set-in-a-single-room storytelling.

The Craftsman Project – 001/Brent Ferris

I do relish a well made short documentary and this–the first in a series–is very well made. And Brent Ferris is a fascinating individual, so that’s two reasons for you to want to watch this film.

Gotham City SF

This is surreal and dramatic and really amazing, especially in fullscreen HD. That is absolutely the only way to watch this film.

Making of a Film Score

I’ve been in a room like this one–just once–and I can attest to the sheer power when that music soars. This is a beautifully made short documentary about creating the score for film.