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This is an ad for a directing award, and I can’t help thinking that it deserves to win the award. Bravo Gioacchino Petronicce!


The stages in a woman’s life, told with animation, and beautiful music.

Cause and Effect

The first World War started over a 100 years ago, this video has some interesting theories about why that horrible event came to pass.

Scenes You’ve Seen

The folks at Dissolve deal in quality stock footage and have used some of their own materials to make these allusions to famous movies down the ages. This is a fun way to promote product.

Wasted Rita

The Like Knows Like profile series is beautiful to look at, and this one, of an artist based in Portugal is amazing. Wasted Rita sounds like she’d be cool to hang out with.


This is a film that needs to be seen, just so that you can appreciate the perfection of the way it is all put together. And if you suddenly feel the itch to travel to the French Alps would would blame you?

Bad Vibes

It’s cool to imagine that a computer made this animation to convey the bad vibes appliances have towards their human users. Very pretty music, and a functionally beautiful animation style make this a totally fun video to watch.