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Jennifer Lawrence is Coming
With a title like that, how can you afford to not watch?

Right Here
Not entirely sure whether this is a music video or a short film set to a particular song. Either way it is pretty badass. Aerial photography, martial arts, gorgeous big cats.

Go ahead, feast your eyes. This is something else!

When filmmakers take their time and are unafraid—or just confident—you can end up with a film like Jet. The pacing and the rhythms inform the narrative. Very nicely done!

Pardon My Dust
Gorgeous art work that is also fleeting. It takes real courage to do what this man does, because he has to find the strength to erase it after a limited amount of time.

The Detroit Bus Company
This short documentary features an initiative that has come about out of a genuine need. And it is immensely laudable for this reason alone.

Thousandth Street
The filmmaking is deliberate and stylized. There is a crime scene reconstruction tool on display that Mr. Spielberg would have been proud to include in Minority Report. This is another example of what assured filmmaking looks like.

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