1000 Years of Less Ordinary Wisdom

Great choice of music, nice energy in the editing, and some interesting quotes in there. My favourite: “Save nothing for the way back.”

South° // Sri Lanka

Beautiful sound design, imagery, and editing for this piece featuring the island nation of Sri Lanka.

Through The Lens

I love this series produced by the people at AdoramaTV. It features photographers who have collected sizeable Instagram followings, is now four episodes old, and beautifully filmed by filmmaker Salvatore D’Alia. Check out the one I’ve featured below and then head on over to their Youtube channel to check out more. New episodes every Wednesday.

Left To Your Own Devices

In another example of branding synergy–is this the future of short form content?–this is from the first batch of films by Vimeo-picked filmmakers to produce work supported by Samsung. I like that the short has a real narrative and decent performances, rather than just being a ‘spot the logo’ drinking game.

Stock Photos IRL

What would it feel like if workplace stock photos came to life? Watch this video, and you’ll know.