As the thumbnail for this film clearly shows, it has been many places and won many awards. Watch this one without looking away, or being distracted by your others screens because it is a beautiful meditation on life, competition, and the inevitable. Great work Tomek Ducki and team.


It is painfully clear that the folks at the Australian filmmaking collective Blue-Tongue Films exist to make the rest of us filmmakers feel bad about our modest ambitions as storytellers. This short directed by Daniel Campos is the latest one from the guys who’ve brought us shorts like Spider and Bear in the past. Watch, and weep.

Converse Couples

I love it when a branded film idea comes together as beautifully as this one. And I am 100% envious of this film and the filmmaking. Bravo Alphabetical Order!

The King Within

Raja Dandapat is an Elvis impersonator who also happens to have a day job as a doctor. This short documentary does a good job of telling Mr. Dandapat’s story.


It’s been a while since we’ve watched Pamela Anderson in anything and this has got to be – by far – her strongest performance. Kudos to director Luke Gilford for extracting a quality performance out of the woman that made the Baywatch swimsuit iconic. The production quality on this film is right up there with more mainstream science fiction.