Small Batch Presents

Some days one just encounters simple examples of brilliance that somehow justify the existence of the entire world. Small Batch Presents is one such idea.

I’m quoting off the video description on Vimeo: “Small Batch is a video series that invites musicians and artisans/craftsmen to support each other within a community. Each episode features a unique brand telling their story and a performance from a band or artist playing in that brand’s storefront, allowing all types of artists to collaborate in a unique video display. This episode features electronic folk duo, Foreign Fields and Southern Lights Electric, a creative lighting designer.”


Magic Diner

I really like what Vogue US is doing with these short films they make starring various Hollywood leading ladies. This one stars current It-girl Alicia Vikander and it is a delicious piece of short filmmaking by Niclas Larsson.

The Talk

I’m going to file this one under brutal, but nicely done. Ouch!


This is a rich narrative in many respects but my favourite is the choice of colours. Brilliantly done Stephen McNally.

Where To Break Up In Paris

A very clever idea. Bravo Mathieu Stern.