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Call Back
This is a really clever twist on a well-worn idea.

WARNING: The film features a sort-of gory shot. Don’t be eating while watching this one.

It is said that Hollywood is populated with brown-nosers, unimaginative ideas, women who will employ sex to get ahead, and the regurgitation of the safe in the never-ending pursuit of profit.

Which makes this short film funny and saddening, in equal measure.

Oil Man
I love films about characters. And Jim Rodgers comes across as a character with a capital C. Which makes this a fun film for me to recommend.

El Macho
The irony in the title will only make itself known when you’ve watched the entire film.

Timelapse in a Single Frame
Photographer Pelle Cass produces interesting single photos culled from hundreds of pictures taken at a single location, from a single angle. This combined picture provides an interesting portrait of certain trends that occurred at that location on the day Mr. Cass was taking his pictures.

In this video he explains his process a little.

Essentially a promo for a magazine, there is something about the voiceover and Daniel Radcliffe’s performance that gives this work a hypnotic quality.

A Camera Drama
During a week-long workshop at Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne the students were given this brief: “Build an apparatus that produces videos the world has never seen before.”

Some of the results are quite interesting. Would you use one of these ideas in your next project?