Things That Can Kill You

This is a video profile of a man whose business name is Death Spray Custom and his personal logo is a thing of beauty. The video, his work, and his life’s outlook is very cool as well.

Selfie From Hell

Continuing the ‘things that can kill you’ theme here is a creepy little short that does a great job of acting as a cautionary tale against selfies. Bravo!

Figub Brazlevič

Cool profile of an interesting musician. I’d never heard of him before and I have to say filmmaking like this is a great way to draw new listeners into the work of an artist. This film is part of the I Am Here project and I’ve seen one other short documentary they’ve made and it is all very inspiring.

Inside The Box

This short film deals with a complicated topic but the clear storytelling helps provide perspective on all the choices made–by the central character, as well as the filmmakers–in an easy-to-understand manner that makes the 14 minutes run time of this film feel like nothing at all. Strong performances by Summer Glau, Regina King and Wilson Bethel only serve to further highlight why casting is so key to a successful outcome while making a film.

WARNING: This film tackles mature themes and may not be suitable for very young children, or for viewing in a workplace environment.

The Craft of Sound

A luthier is a maker of stringed musical instruments like violins or guitars. This video spends three too-short minutes at the studio of luthier Alex Bishop and shows only a small fraction of the work that goes into making a guitar. Mr. Bishop is no slouch when it comes to playing one of his guitars.