EMOJI AMONG US on Weekend Watching 190714

Helen Disconnected

The art direction, production design and lead performance in this beautifully-filmed short come together to deliver a portrait of a near future that is totally imaginable.

The Collector

Not sure what’s going on with the narrative here but I love how Stas Santimov has been able to animate his illustrations. This one just provides pure visual pleasure.

Two Teams, One Trophy

We already know how the World Cup Finals played out (Germany are champions for the 4th time), but this motion graphics piece is still impressive to look at.

Emoji Among Us

This is a cool filmmaking exercise demonstrating how it is possible to tell a story using only stock footage.


What is real, what is imaginary?
Doesn’t really matter because this student film looks very impressive.

The Cameras We Bring

Beautifully filmed, evocatively narrated (at least that’s the impression the subtitles gave me). As intimate portraits go, this one was very enjoyable to watch.