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The Long Game

This two-part essay really redefines — or rather re-introduces us to — the process of achieving success, in an entertaining, and easy to understand manner. Excellent job Adam Westbrook!

How They Get There

In the spirit of the essay above, here is an earlier work by celebrated filmmaker Spike Jonze. Clearly that man has been visually inventive for years.

Les Pyramides d’Égypte

A tale of discovery, and much more, animated in stellar fashion as usual by Supinfocom students.


Magic realism invoking the spirit of Amélie, featuring beautifully realized animations and illustrations.


I love the idea of robots, I enjoy the animation work that comes out of places like Supinfocom, so what’s not to like about this short film by François Haysen.

Megalo Meloman

I don’t know how they did this but I’m guessing painstaking work was involved. Very cool!

USA – a Country of Contrasts

Beautiful imagery offering up some interesting parallels.

We Are They

Nice one Jason. Again!