Six amazing short films on this weekend’s selection starting with the following sci-fi comedy:

Future Hero

You think Terminator has the monopoly on time-travellers who must go into the past to prevent their own destruction? Think again.

Love Stories – Chapter one: Bo

Delightful little short set in Paris, explaining why the narrator loves a girl named Bo.


This is how you do stop-motion animation!

365 Postcards for Ants

Lorraine Loots is a Cape town-based artists who produces miniature paintings that are heart-stoppingly beautiful. Watch the video here and visit her website to see more of the work.


This is a great example of a meditative film. The imagery is beautiful, the individual shots hold your attention with all kinds of minutiae that demands attention, and the sound design serves to enhance the central idea of the film.

Timo Trunks Ident

Just thirteen seconds long and oh so cute.