Analogue Loaders

We suffered a major computer crash last week so this film speaks to me on many many levels. Brilliant work by Raphael Vangelis.

Leningrad – Kolshik

I will totally hit pause on my day to watch an Ilya Naishuller-directed video when I come across it. This music video is ambitious and contains some very graphic imagery–YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!–but it is still a very powerful testament to what vision can accomplish.

The Process

Salman Sajun’s video does a great job of showcasing the steps that go into producing any piece of video work you watch (or skip) online.

VFX Games – The Art of Compositing

You really think you can tell what scenes have compositing work done unto them? Check this video out and see for yourself how much the craft has evolved and become an essential part of movie magic.

CNN – What is a micro-plastic?

beautiful animation notwithstanding, this doesn’t look good for us.

Aperol – The Adventures of Orange

This video is so very fun to look at.