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Today’s selection offers up several films with very strong visuals. Starting with:

The Sound of Taste
Dramatic slow motion imagery synched perfectly to music is always beautiful to watch. This commercial does a great job of blowing up a roomful of spices for a beautiful set of visuals.

Dinner and a Movie
Randy finds out the hard way that all dates are not created equal.

Some truly beautiful big screen cinematography serves this short horror film very well.

A lot goes into creating something, and sometimes even more goes into thinking about what to create next. This film does a good job of attempting to capture some of that intense effort.

K Woman
A questionable motel on a dark, rainy night…that’s where this fashion film begins.

Portrait of a Sound Design Artist
I love videos that pull back the curtain on the workings of the film-making process. I’ve borne witness to sounds being captured in unusual–or unlikely–places, so this one was really satisfying to watch.