Une Incroyable Excuse

Danny Sangra is the boss. This fashion film demonstrates how to tell a cool story while also showcasing clothes, and bags. Bravo Mr. Sangra. Nicely done. Again.

I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!!

This is a short documentary about a cult comic book character named Reid Fleming, his creator David Boswell, and the heartbreaking journey the film based on that character took to Nowhereville. Beautifully filmed and edited, with some real insights into the workings of Hollywood and how a dream can become a walking nightmare for 30-something years.

The Hero’s Journey

This graduation film is an education in itself. And beautiful to look at too.

Giant Robots From Outer Space

Another graduation film that is a lot grimmer than its candy-coloured palette might suggest.


This is what an intense sub-10 minute short looks like. Once they get going they sure keep that energy turned up. Very nicely done Alex Clark.


This is a really cool looking experiment. Video graffiti from a wearable device. So cool and futuristic.