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Jack The Ripper
Simple, stylish, chilling. What’s not to like?

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Killer motion graphics employed to tell a chilling story with great style. As trailers go, this one does a powerful job building interest.

The Photo Man
Mark Kologi buys and sells found photos. Right there is a fascinating idea and on some level it never occurred to me that the folks that placed vintage, or just old, photos for sale in cities like Paris (where I’ve encountered them) might actually be buying them from somewhere else.

So I found this short documentary about the buyer and seller of other people’s memories (in a sense) fascinating.

Patrick G. Nadeau
As a profile video for a hair stylist this is beyond compare. As a video in general this is very cool too.

Mr. Emilton’s Cabinet of Curiosities
So this beautiful looking narrative is actually a title sequence for an event that takes place in Barcelona every year called OFFF. Cutting edge design studios are invited to create the titles every year. As a side note, this was the first festival that selected a short film I made and that film was in competition alongside a short by Tim Burton (yup, the very same one).

Neither Tim nor I won the award.

So feast your eyes on the work of From Form, because this is beautiful work.

Sales Gosses!
The animation, the colours, and the character design are beautiful. Not so sure about the conclusion to this tale though.

Kate and Joe Just Want To Have Sex
This six-part web series is exactly as advertised in the title. But Episode 5 which is the one I’ve embedded here is really funny and my favourite of the six. So check it out, and then go over to Ms. Hackett’s channel and watch the rest of the episodes.