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Robot & Scarecrow

The sheer ambition of this short film would have been enough to have people talking about it. That it also tells a bittersweet story that is good just makes it all that more special. Actors Jack O’Connell, Holly Grainger played the base characters of the scarecrow and robot respectively and actor Daniel Kaluuya’s voice also features in this film. Much respect to filmmaker Kibwe Tavares for all that has been achieved in this short.

Pearl Chrysler

I am always equal parts surprised and impressed by Danny Sangra’s work. My reaction to this new short is no different.

Jeff Koons at MOCA

Some of you may recognise filmmaker Oscar Boyson from his appearances in Casey Neistat’s vlogs. This is an amazing example of his own filmmaking prowess.

Life Without Stuff

It was really fun to see in how many different ways the filmmaker would take stuff away from the people. This is a good example of the same gag being satisfactory no matter how many times you see it.

Xiao Zhu – Small Pig

This is the outcome of a cancelled project. It blows my mind that this amazing film, which was made to advertise a home stay service in China (not unlike Airbnb) was cancelled after all thit work had been put into it. Ah well, we have this cool film to marvel at and I suppose that counts for something.