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Passion For Sound

Living in a city like Mumbai where the noise levels are high on the quietest day, I am constantly made aware of how important sound–and quiet–really is. This short documentary helps highlight the power of sound in a fun, easy to understand manner.

Between Zero & One

Drummer Jojo Mayer says some interesting things in this short documentary. And it looks great. So double win.

Falls Like Rain

I am not going to dwell on the irony of the video for a song called Falls Like Rain featuring a young man dangling off very tall buildings–I felt gravity’s pull even though I was just sitting in my work chair watching it. I am impressed by the cinematography of DOP Chris Clarke because it is the appropriately-situated camera that gives us a true sense of how scary and daunting these stunts are.

Carlo’s Story

The static camera and a stuffy edit can be easy traps to fall into while making a talking heads-style documentary. This film is the exact opposite. Director Michael Marantz and DOP Tim Sessler keep the camera mobile and help inject a great deal of kinetic energy into this short documentary.

At the Bar – A Joke

Jason Headley’s At the Bar series has a new episode, in which the two characters–one of whom is played by the writer/director himself–attempt to write a joke. if I have to explain why this is funny, you “don’t get it.” See what I did there Jason?

Feast in a Fallen City

Sometimes one has to embrace the darkness to truly appreciate the light. The character design in this tale is beautiful, even if the narrative is grim.