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A still from TEN THOUSAND DAYS featured on Weekend Watching 161113 on OneSmallWindow.com

Beauty of Mathematics
This is just a beautifully produced result.

The Record Breaker
I first read about Ashrita Furman when I was a kid and it was really cool to find this documentary. Watch it, it is an absolute treat.

A beautifully rendered animation about an Inuit boy, a bird he encounters, and the adventure he takes off on.

Curmudgeonly old men make great characters, especially in short films where a character needs to be established in very short order. This one tells an effective story around a single confrontation.

Barbican: Microcosm of London
Beautiful animation that tells the story of a region, and tis evolution over centuries.

Dirty laundry
So important that laundry is done right.

Very strong world design. A fascinating idea. And quality animation.

Ten Thousand Days
A man believes that members of his family are cursed to live for no more than ten thousand days. Inconvenient that he should meet a girl so close to his own demise. Right?

Volvo – The Split
And finally, this! Jean-Claude Van Damme movies always featured the split. At least the ones I remembered watching from when I was a kid. Good to see the man’s still got it.