Some Kind Of Quest

This is the story of Bruce Zaccagnino’s magnum opus – Northlandz, which is a model train installation that is housed in a 52,000 square foot space that needs to be seen to be believed. I love that filmmakers like Andrew Wilcox tell stories like this one.


This film is a impressive achievement, not just in the way it looks and sounds but also in the way it unfolds. Bravo Ben Harper, Sean Mullen and Alex Sherwood.

Brioni Presents Metallica

Say what you will about people just being people and it should be okay to speak to them as equals, there has got to be a certain level of nervousness that creeps into directing one of the biggest bands in the world to behave the way they do in this film. But then again Danny Sangra is The Man. So…

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The description for this film reads: “Growing up is fine, but it’s better with a 50-foot friend at your side.” I am amazed yet again at the amount of emotion it is possible to inject into an animated film. Beautiful work by Benoît Leloup, Tatiana Juskewycz, Frank Menigoz, Zoé Nérot, and Charlotte Poncin.


is it a music video or is it a documentary? Who cares, it is beautiful.