I do enjoy a delicious relationship drama. This one’s got some bite to it too, with strong performances by Alex Karpovsky and Troian Bellisario. And it is mildly NSFW so be careful if you’re watching this some place you shouldn’t be.

Love Is In The Fair

So this short documentary is amazing for a variety of reasons: the spontaneity of the kids, how clear they seem to be about why they are there and what they want from their (significant) other, and also because of the quality of the filmmaking. I’m going to be spending some more time checking out The Bitter Southerner’s work.


This clever music video makes great use of Instagram clichés–for a song called Clichés!–to make stop-motion coolness.

The Origami Code – Trailer

This looks fascinating.

Find Your Magic

Awright, awright, awright, awright. This is Axe advertising done right.