La Loteria

Augusto reflects on the regrets of his life as he prepares to board a plane to America, and a new life.

California Inspires Me: Thao Nguyen

An animated short illustrating, and highlighting an audio interview.

Fitz and The Tantrums – Fools Gold

This is definitely one awesome way to visualize the aftermath of a breakup. Much respect to director Zak Stoltz for pulling this one together. And it is a cool song as well.

The Gatherer

This is a very well made and deliciously creepy short film. Writer/director Dustin Pegg sure delivers a memorable character with this one. It would be interesting to see if there is more to him.


This one is an interesting premise for the start of something larger, and it is made by designer and concept artist David Levy who has worked on movies like TRON: Legacy, Prometheus, Ender’s Game, as well as the upcoming Tomorrowland and Avatar 2.

And now for something a little different, but no less exciting:

Prynt’s New Photo Printing Case

Check out TechCrunch’s quick video with one of the founders of a company called Prynt that allows smartphone users to print their photographs. And if you thought that was all, think again. This is the first product we’ve been excited about funding on Kickstarter. Check it out and see if you agree.