Miguel – Crazy Enough

“Growing up in LA, I think, prepares you in an interesting way, because you start to learn about Hope and Desperation really early.” I couldn’t have said it better about Mumbai but this is Miguel talking about his life in this beautiful portrait by Yours Truly.


You say ‘colors,’ I say ‘colours,’ no matter what, this is a beautiful film.

Advertisements Suck

A short film made for Vimeo that would play on Youtube as a pre-roll ad. Smart.


A tasty, tightly choreographed action short with a tantalizing sci-fi/supernatural cherry on top. Delicious.

The Pearl of the Costa Grande

Nice writing by Derek Beck & Sam Morrill translates into another example of an engaging short film set entirely in a single room.

New Faces

Four young models in London discuss what it is like to be a ‘new face’.