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How To Train Your Robot
I love films like this, films about human and robot interaction. These short films clearly don’t have Hollywood budgets and yet there is nothing to distinguish a film like this from the movies you watch at the megaplex.


Portrait Of A Photographer
Photographer Marty Knapp talks about his decision to ‘devote his life to photography’. Beautifully shot and nicely edited, this short profile piece does a great job of introducing us to a photographer whose name we may not have heard before (I know I hadn’t).


Ee Vayasika Raadhu
Even though this is in an Indian language I don’t understand a word of what is being sung. I am however a huge fan of the way this song has been filmed.


This is evocative filmmaking telling another version of a torn-from-the-headlines story. You have to pay attention because there are little touches in the filmmaking that will take your breath away.


Art Shay
The man is 91 years old, has had his pictures on 1100 magazine covers. This short glimpse at a life well-lived is really inspirational.


Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967
This is a beautiful song off John Mayer’s last album. And this video, handmade, and shot completely in-camera is the perfect companion piece to the song.


A Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock
This is the type of work that would appear on a television channel showcasing a collection of the master filmmaker’s works. The sound design, the gentle animation, the thought behind the live-action shots…it is all just so beautiful.

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