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I am a Matrix fanboy. I love the comics, I love the animated short film collection, and I love the first movie. So I am happy to report that a fan film set in that universe delivers much of the style and substance of the original without the needless psychobabble.

Understand Music

Of all the parts in the film-making process, I understand music and sound design the least. This beautiful piece is twice as beautiful to me as a result.

Nick Goepper breaks down his slopestyle tricks

I am a huge brushless gimbal fanboy. So this video really gets me excited.

And the behind-the-scenes video just hits the spot. Much respect to the camera operator.

Social Butterfly

I don’t want to give anything away except to say that this short film gets kinda racy at one point.


He’s such a cute little thing, why won’t anyone play with him?

The Naturalist

This is a good example of difficult, ambitious, non-conformist cinema.