A still from COCKATOO on Weekend Watching 150214 on OneSmallWindow.com

Movie Title Breakup

Every line of dialogue in this film is actually a movie title. This is so much fun!


A few naughty things are suggested in the dialogue but this is really just a sweet film.


Very cute animation featuring some of Hollywood’s most famous characters.


How about a darkly comic film about war?

Out Of Bounds

Another stellar example of student animation.

Fear Paris

Apparently this is just a teaser.
I have to say I love the idea of mime weapons.

Words by Rakim

Is it a remix, a profile, or a tribute? How about all of the above? Visually stunning filmmaking.

Let There Be Animal

A young man, recently moved to London, is tested by his surroundings, in this violent short that doesn’t flinch, or cut away.

Chupan Chupai

This film really works a lot better if you can only focus on the visuals. Those subtitles don’t quite mirror what is said in the film. Beautiful work all the same.