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A still from SMOKE featured on Weekend Watching 141213 on OneSmallWindow.com

Beautifully made short film that will have most viewers begging for more story.

Be Cool
We are approaching the end of another year, and year ends can be stressful ( especially if you are the ‘stop and take stock’ kind of person), so this public service announcement is useful. Really useful.

Kendy Ty is one of our filmmaking heroes at Thrillpill Films. And this new one is all kinds of delicious.

Streets of Rage
Ever seen a comic book come to life? Yeah, yeah, sure 300, Sin City, whatever! Now check this out.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me
Birthdays can be difficult. So the message of this film helps put things in perspective.

Cut Off
When fact and fiction blend, interesting outcomes are generated.

The Bicycle
Life, near-death, and whatever comes afterwards. As narrated by a bicycle.

Brendan O’Connell is Blocking The Bread Aisle
Cool documentary about a cool art project.

Cinefile 2013
Another end-of-the-year supercut featuring nearly 400 movies from 2013.