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From The Future With Love
Chilling vision of the future. With some very interesting ideas, and work, on display.

Motion graphics piece, or music video? Doesn’t really matter. Just watch it.

Ballpoint Barber
The amount of imagination and coordination required to make this seemingly simple short makes it a worthy achievement, in and of itself. I am always in awe of the folks that take the time to make something like this.

The Future Committee
I enjoy a good brooding, reality-based sci-fi yarn.

Naked & Famous Jeans
I really don’t like it when I have to buy pre-washed, faded, ditressed jeans. I like my denim to be a single colour. So I am very excited by the idea of raw denim.

A Gathering Squall
An atmospheric short that ratchets up the dread until it goes into a really dark place.

5 More Minutes
This animated piece does a lot with the simple idea of a little girl on a swing.

Natural Zombie
This is a video about the making of a painting. And the video has about the same amount of attitude, and cool, as the final product.

This was interesting to watch, and inspiring as well. And the artist has a very cool signature.

Somewhere U.S.A.
This a film culled from images captured during the filmmaker’s road trip around America. How do you like them apples?