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This is quite an experiment: trying to tell an entire story in a single take, using some extreme makeup effects – BE WARNED: You don’t want to be eating while watching this film, or have eaten recently. I’d also not recommend it for very young kids – and a final significance that really underlines the implications of a village’s actions.


The Last Game

It really is the beautiful game, isn’t it? This animation takes those stars into a new dimension. I realize this is Nike advertising but when it is done this well one has to acknowledge and applaud it.

Eyes Wide Open

Stanley Kubrick’s attention to detail was not just a thing he learnt on a film set, as this documentary shows, he picked up the fine points of staging and pictorial drama during his photography career.

The Low Season

Beautiful cinematography and editing; and the narrative makes an interesting point.

Modern Love

Beautifully animated New York Times story about a relationship. Articulated in rich detail through voice, and a muted colour palette.

Rio de Janeiro

If you’re going to be in Brazil for the World Cup this video might give you a sense of the street delicacies you could sample. Or, just look at a pretty video.