The creative choices in this film are so good I want to go out and make a film of my own. Brilliant work by The Lynch Brothers. That this is a teaser for an upcoming feature fills me with great hope for the future of sci-fi cinema.

Six Mille – Posca

I love the energy in this edit, and the animation adds an extra dimension to the material.

We Need To Talk About Alice

This is intimidatingly good animation by Argentinian shop Plenty. Watch this on the biggest screen you can and just allow the gorgeous imagery to wash over you.

My Beary Best Friend

They sure make cute films at Ringling College of Art and Design Department of Computer Animation. This one by Luiza Alaniz is a total heart warmer. And a great companion piece to the next film.

Once Upon A Blue Moon

Beautifully executed stop motion animation to tell the story of a lonely blue alien. Nice one Steve Boot.