Still NYC

The travel video can be a difficult thing to make. It is so tempting, to whip a camera from side to side, never resting on any one thing — or staying on something for too long — that it can leave viewers with a headache, and the filmmaker feeling like (s)he didn’t really experience the trip the way it was meant to be. Not so the case with filmmaker Ynon Lan whose first trip to New York City–ah NYC!–was captured in this inventive montage of still shots that does a great job of hinting at the experience of being there.

Net Café Refugees

This simultaneously fascinating, and disturbing, short documentary about people who live in Internet cafes in Japan because it is cheaper than renting a home, ins the first of three dark tales we have featured this weekend. The film also features some interesting insights into the salaryman culture, as well as the rules of behaviour within power structures.

Surviving a Tsunami in Indonesia

This one is another grim story but told in beautifully animated form. Interesting choice of colours and it is amazing what the filmmakers have been able to do with just blue and orange. Good story about our strong will to survive.


Immersion features cool visuals, an interesting idea, and better effects work than is sometimes seen in big budget movies. It starts out as a short, and goes on to become almost a showcase of what the feature-length version would consist of. I’d like to watch a more complete version of this story.