Le Gouffre

They don’t make adventure movies like this anymore. This beautiful looking short has more heart and drama than a lot of mainstream feature-length action adventures. And it is just the first short film put out by an animation studio from Montreal. Amazing work Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chrétien, David Forest, and team.

Arthur Beatrice – Late

Beautifully filmed, colour-timed, and edited.

FENDI Hands Make Beauty

Quality motion graphics work to give us a short history of the fashion label.

Unconditional Rebel – Siska

The way I understand it, the base imagery for this video was created by shooting 5 seconds of footage at a high frame rate so that it could then be played out in slow motion for the duration of this song. Additional special effects were added later. Very cool to look and the song is nice too.

Wildlife Crossing!

Sometimes love requires you to just making it across the road.