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It is pretty cool that we get to see a selection of short films from the Toronto Film Festival while it is still going on. The film embedded below is one such film and I think audiences who saw this on the big screen were in for a genuine treat.


I am a huge fan of smart sci-fi films like this one and everything about Entangled from the writing to the acting, editing, cinematography, and directing are so beautiful it makes me want to stand up and applaud. This film is an achievement to be proud of for writer/director Tony Elliot.

My admiration for the graduates of Gobelins, l’école de l’image has been stated often enough. I’m featuring more than one film by students of the institute this weekend and I am as impressed as ever.


A man trapped after a terrible earthquake discovers that he is not alone. This short film features amazing character design and acting, and it tells a story with a lot of heart. Filmmaker Pedro Vergani and his team really brought it all together very well.


The amount of tension evident between the two characters in this film, coupled with beautiful animation and colours, serves yet again to open my eyes to the possibilities for narrative storytelling through animation.
Beautiful work by Janis Aussel, Elsa Boyer, Marie-Pierre Demessant, Dorian Lee, Laurent Moing, Guitty Mojabi, and Aron Bothman.


A chance encounter with a mysterious creature drawn and animated in a beautiful style.
Bravo Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjosse, and Sarah Simon.

The Offering

Two men–a father and son–journey into the woods to make an offering. Things don’t go quite as planned. While it is very well made, this film gave me the feeling that a low budget film does not always have to be made in the confines of an available home. The setting of this film opens gives us the impression that it is way bigger in scale than if a similar narrative was set inside a building somewhere.

Just some…food for thought.

Butter Fingers

Filmmaker Jeremy Scott does a great job — with animation and sound design — of highlight some of the things we should be careful to not let slip from our hands.


I wrote and directed a short film that is an official selection in the Viewster Online Film Fest.
My short film “Collect” is a contained thriller set in a single grimy bathroom.

The way this festival works is that all the selected films are online for two weeks but the Top 10 films get placed in front of a jury.

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