Milk Run

Some effects work, a cool performance, and a really tidy running time: hallmarks of a good short film.

A-Z of a Cool Hotel

Can I also call this the “A-Z of a Cool Promo/Ad”? Because it totally is–doesn’t take itself seriously, employs some very cool visual tricks, manages to be sexy and playful in the same breath, and nobody would complain if it was five minutes long.

Bravo Ernest Desumbila, and kudos to the Hotel Pulitzer in Barcelona for being such a chill client.

Hola Llamigo

To paraphrase the old song, this is one of the “things that make you go Awww…”

The Foley Artist

This film won an award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. I can see why.


Who says promoting a business cannot be fun, creative work?

The Kiss

Love the energy in this spot for Carte Noire. Mais oui, c’est parfait!