When you have so many ‘names of consequence’ involved in a single project it is almost like daring the work to be bad. The dare failed, this animation (Chris Ware and John Kuramoto) of a cover for The New Yorker with interviews and narration by Ira Glass is every bit as insightful and thought-provoking as the magazine’s best articles or This American Life‘s broadcasts.

The Irrational Fear of Nothing

This is a demo for a new Olympus camera but it is also a tidy bit of filmmaking in its own right, employing the fixed third-person-view perspective view using a Snorricam rig to deliver a sharper sense of the central character’s paranoia.

The Lift

This short documentary about a man who worked his way up to lifting weight to lose weight and feel better about himself is inspirational on many levels.


This beautifully animated film draws attention to a website that serves to educate and update people about the status of HIV and HIV-positive people in the world.

Margot vs Lily

This Nike-produced web series is an example of corporate-funded digital content done right. Embedded below the first episode.