A Maine Point of View

Loved the colour grade, Maine looks beautiful, and it was a pleasure to see Nick Lavecchia’s photos. Just wish I didn’t have to strain (a little) to hear what was said but this is good filmmaking.

Adventure Canada – James Raffan

There is so much good looking imagery in this video I just want it to play in a loop all day long.

False Alarm – The Weeknd

I love Ilya Naishuller’s First person view videos. This is one is as bloody and violent as they come. So check it out but BE WARNED that this is not for the squeamish or easily offended.

The Somniloquist

Adam Rosenberg recorded himself talking in his sleep nearly every night for a year. These are some of the things he said.

Character Design Tips from Sergio Pablos

Amazing ideas from animator Sergio Pablos for better character design. Get in there and learn people!