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Let’s start you off with an exceptional piece of animated storytelling. Upstairs couples a familiar situation with imaginative storytelling.

The power of memories is powerful indeed. Told in a measured manner, this is a beautiful tale.

Matt Morris iPhone 5S Adventure
There will be a lot of iPhone 5S videos showing up on the Internet in the months to come. Few of them will be as cool as this one.

Side Effected
This short could also have been called ‘How to employ a single location, and two fantastic actors, to make a funny movie about drug-testing’.

A Fighter In The Wind
I just enjoy watching films like this one. And the subject of this documentary, a mixed martial arts fighter named Norman Paraisy, says some very interesting things about why he does what he does.

Planet Nine
Short, and pretty sweet. This animation has lots of retro style.

Classic joke, effectively told.

Some times the worker bees just cannot catch a break.