Tombes & Manèges

No matter how many times I see it, I am always surprised by how much emotion filmmakers can extract from animated characters. The filmmaking and storytelling is of very high quality in this beautiful film by Nicolas Albrecht, Jérémie Auray, Alexandre Garnier, Antoine Giuliani, Sandrine Normand, Ambre Pochet and Marc Visintin.

Beth Cavener – Scupltor

Filmmaker Bas Berkhout captures the rawness of sculptor Beth Cavener’s words using several filmmaking tricks that serve to heighten the power of what she is saying as well as our experience of the elements of her process that we are allowed to see.


Told entirely in close-ups that provide an uncomfortable intimacy while simultaneously subtracting us from most of the conventional context about whose life we are experiencing, this is a very powerful short film by Kazik Radwanski.

At First Sight

Hey smartphone-addicts – consider the possibility that you might be missing out on the promise of real life. This is beautiful character design and animation, and I enjoyed the look of the end credits even more than the animation style used in the film itself.