Love Is The Only Reason We Are Alive

As we were watching this she said, “the first four minutes of Up just got owned.” That is (more than!) reason enough to feature this video for a poem written and performed by In-Q.

Today’s The Day

How do you feel about checking out an old school Hollywood musical starring Danny DeVito and Daniel Cloud Campos? This upbeat film is a lot of fun to watch.

The Contenders

This film by The Mercadantes showcases a few of the athletes striving to make the US Olympic Team this year.

Loki The Wofdog

J’aime des chiens!
So it was a no brainer that I’d feature this pretty looking tribute to a gorgeous animal. You can follow the adventures of Loki on this Instagram account.

The Coward – Adieu

A music video for Nicholas Jullien’s band The Coward featuring animation of his brother Jean’s work.