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An animated short film that makes an interesting point about a very strong driving force in human life.

Rap Quotes
This is a short documentary about a clever street art project that brought a smile to my face.
I’ll just let you check it out.

Fair warning: there is some swearing in this video.

This is not so much about cool filmmaking or clever storytelling (even though both qualities are present in Bipoland). This about history, as well as the human spirit. Beautiful work.

The Associate
This short film has been online for a year at least which simply goes to show how many awesome works probably pass us by every day on the Internet. Beautifully shot and graded this is the type of film that will convince you that a DSLR is more than enough to make a stunning looking film. What is really more important is to have performers capable of translating the idea into reality.

Not For Your Eyes
This is not so much a short film as it is a proof of concept, or pilot, for a feature film that explores the same story in greater details. It looks amazing and I’d totally watch the feature version.

For now, take in the atmosphere and mood of the short.

West of the Moon
Fantasy filmmaking is very tricky to pull off. But this one made from a script distilled from hundreds of hours of interviews with children about their dreams gets it right.
Try and watch it without interruptions. It really is quite an experience.