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Bulletproof Thoughts #1
This is a really cool motion graphics project. And the message is totally relevant as well.

Frames of Life
Mr. Gheeraert makes beautiful slice of life films that make you want to travel, visit beautiful places, and live the life of a carefree wanderer. Watch this on the biggest screen you can, and allow the imagery to wash over you.

The Case
This is yet another good example of the high quality of graduate film work; gorgeous animation that is just beautiful to look at.

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Victo Ngai – Like Knows Like
The Like knows Like series is very cool on its own. And I thoroughly enjoyed looking at Ms. Ngai’s work because I secretly wish I was capable of making dense beautifully-coloured work like she does.

All’s Fair…
A familiar romcom premise is produced at a very high standard in this short film about love, loss, and coping with that loss.

The Flight
A beautifully animated film about friendship.

Another beautifully animated film; this one is about the plight of the children of Fukushima.

Jay Shells’ Rap Quotes: LA Edition
We featured the video when he did this in New York, and now it’s time for Mr. Shells to show the West Coast some love.