Ed Ruscha: Buildings and Words

When a life has been lived like Ed Ruscha’s has – making art – the documentary of that life has to be as good as this one by Felipe Lima with narration by Hollywood actor Owen Wilson.

Johanna Under The Ice

What freediver Johanna Nordblad has achieved is impressive enough but let us also take a moment to acknowledge spectacular Teemu Liakka’s gorgeous cinematography in this film.

L’acrobate des toits de Paris

It is not immediately obvious that this is an ad, and the fact that it is has no bearing on the sheer energy with which this is filmed and edited and, well, performed.


Nice interpretation of what goes into making an Instagram picture.

Out on a Limb

This is cute. Nice piece of storytelling in this student animation by Kenneth Chou.

Pêche-en-l’Air #1

Another clever animated piece about a man who fishes for birds.

How to Build a Shitty Dolly

David F. Sandberg is the latest in a long list of made-good-from-making-his-own-films indie filmmaking heroes for me because he made a short film in his native Sweden that got optioned to be turned into a Hollywood feature that is now a movie that has made over a 100 million dollars worldwide! And he’s still doing DIY stuff in his spare time!

Check this video out and like the man said, “Make Movies, Not Excuses.”