Vienna Waits For You

Often filmmakers dream of scale as a means of conveying ability–I know I do. This amazing short film does all of that and more by barely ever venturing out of an apartment. Working off a strong script by Sarah Wassermair, director Dominik Hartl and his team have produced a short film–with an assured central performance by Petra Staduan–that wears its 26-minute length very lightly.

Well worth the time.


This is one of the most fun–and beautiful to look at–animated shorts I’ve seen in a while. Excellent work by writer/director/animator Kyungmin Woo.

A Drop In The Ocean

Kendy Ty is back with a new film, and this time it is set in Bangkok.


I don’t think anything could motivate me to run 10-15 kms but this video is an impressive filmmaking achievement. Amazing sound design as well.

Steadfast Stanley

When a dog is separated from his master he does everything in his power to find his way back to the boy who had to leave in a hurry.

Grab Her

And now it is time for a mischievous music video. Special effects? Check. Weird Christopher Walken-esque dancing? Check. Killer ending. Oh yes, Check!

The A to Z of Television

A pretty motion graphics piece is always good to look at. This one does a nice job with live action, typography, and pretty colours.

Hair Music

I love that the Internet allows us to see weird and wonderful experiments that people might undertake in the far corners of the world. This video is not very long but it is a reminder–yet another one–that we are not entirely aware of what we are capable of. This quirky little experiment is featured here to remind us that we are only truly limited by what we think we cannot do.