Seldom do ‘proof of concept’ films look and sound this good. Check out this fantastic example of short filmmaking and then find out how you can support their endeavour to make a feature length version.

Gateway to the Ganges

This powerful example of filmmaking employs innovative camera work, sound design, and editing to great effect.

366 Days

Beautiful animation with amazing depth, and lighting. And it tells such a beautifully human story. Very well done Johannes Friedrich Schiehsl, this is amazingly universal storytelling.

Haut Vol

This piece filmed partially on a Paris rooftop is a spectacular example of the dancing-in-public-places video, with a final shot that should be the inspiration for a million homages.


Very funny animated short about a young man on a date who feels hunger pangs at a most inconvenient moment. This is entertaining filmmaking that delivers quite a few chuckles over its short running time.


This concise short is designed as a comedy and it is a funny one for sure. But it also tells a tale you’d never want to have happen to you. Tidy filmmaking by Tom Coombe.