Jude Law in THE GENTELMAN'S WAGER on Weekend Watching 090814

The Gentleman’s Wager

Oh to be as classy as Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, and then hark back to Bande à Part!
You had me at “I don’t want to buy it with money… I want to win it!”


Filmmaker Mark Mazur has planned three films capturing the feeling of ‘summer’. This is the second one in the series, and the third expected at the end of August.

Lessons In Superhero-ing

This is a really funny video, and it features a superhero. Nicely done Matthew Lajoie.


I am a big fan of the design work that’s gone into making a green vehicle that does not look apologetic for not using macho fuels. This ad is another example of the Tesla motor vehicle’s awesomeness.

Subway Artist of New York

Just look at that thumbnail image? Where is the camera, how have they got that shot. This is the second film by David Holm that’s part of the list because of some of the amazing captures of the New York subway that are part of this short documentary. Are you inspired? I know I am.